Thursday, 24 July 2008

We have left Junior School!

Well yesterday was Becca's last day at Junior school! She has been saying for a few weeks that she doesnt want to leave, that she wants it to stay the same forever! No matter what i say about being ready for senior school, she is adamant she isnt! I never had any of this with Rae because she could not wait to leave the school and some of the awful kids that were in her class, she left with a spring in her step ready for the next stage in her life. So i kinda left Becca to have a think about it all and how things do actually have to change even if we don't want them too!
So i pop along to collect her from school yesterday and waited...and waited..and waited some more! When she finally came out with her posse of friends, with school shirts all signed by friends and teachers, arms full of books and bits they had made, faces all red and teary(wasn't expecting that!)! Mums were poised waiting for the photo call of our beautiful smiling kids only to find crying girls hugging each other as if we were sending them all to opposite end of the planet!
So after a flurry of phone number exchanges and promises of calls and sleepovers I got to hold my little girl and let her cry onto my shoulder! I really did not expect that kind of reaction from her as she left school for the last time! The poor kid cried on and off all afternoon and into the evening! I guess through all the trials and tribulations of friendships, learning and growing she really had come to love her school and being a part of it all.
To top it all as we got in the car Becca handed me a CD. On the cover was a photo of her classmates she spent the past 3 years with and inside was a music CD made for all the kids in the class by their teacher! It had a compilation of all the songs they had listened to, what the song was, the artist and where they heard it..Fairthorne Manor, DT Music, Tidy up Music, school Xmas Show songs, leavers assembly songs! It also had a note:

"Thankyou for being a wonderful class. I hope that when you listen to these songs you will remember all the fun times we had this year. Love from Mrs Marshall"

I thought it was a really great gift, but it set Becca off again! And listening to it made her worse LOL!!
So she is happier today and we are planning a camp out with her two best buddies in the world. Although they are off to different schools i am sure they will remain close.
I am now off to formulate a plan to get her to like the idea of going to Amery Hill school! LOL.
I will post photos as soon as i upload them all!

We also got the SAT results through!! Level 4 for Maths and 5's for everything else! WTG Becca!


Octamom said...

So glad the scores came in!! Great job! The CD from her teacher was SO sweet!


Octamom said...

Thanks for the healthy well-wishes for next week--and so glad I could make you giggle--that's the best medicine of all for me!! ;O)



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