Monday, 28 July 2008

Brother sister relationships!!

On her blog, Octamom asks the question "what age should siblings stop bathing together?" (if at all).
Well mine stopped doing that years ago..but then i had a blinding flash (rare for me!!)..
When i usually take the kids swimming we change in a family change room (space for one reason and i can keep an eye on them!)...
Until about 3 weeks or so ago when we were changing and David (bless him) looked at one of his sisters (no name to spare blushes) and exclaims quite audibly, "wow look you have know..THERE!" If i wasn't half dressed i would have left the cubicle but i just turned away stifling laughter!! Poor sis' went all shy and flustered and wrapped a towel around herself until i could take the little darling out!! I did find it funny, and still was he to know? LOL
Poor sis' was mortified..but i realised then that we would no longer be sharing a change room....another sign that my kids are growing up faster than i think i would like!


Denn said...

Ya, it goes by so quick. My oldest just shaved her legs for the first time! Scary

Gill said...

oh bless - my middle one has been shaving her legs since she was 9 - i was so upset but she was being bullied at school and did it without me knowing, her legs were a mess so i bought her a little electric one..and yes we did get the bullies sorted!!

Octamom said...

Well there you go--the definitive 'tub game over' signal! ;o)

Loved the tourist/terrorist quote!

Lee said...

Hmmm, I'm not quite there yet, but I do wonder when it will happen in this house... I DON'T WANT MINE TO GET ANY OLDER! STOP TIME NOW!


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