Monday, 21 July 2008

A disappointed kid.

Poor becca she worked so hard to get her grades up the past couple of years. She has really put a lot in at school and her teachers all say she deserves really good SAT grades. Unfortunately the company in charge of marking them has NOT done their job even a little well. They have nationally screwed them up for all schools and when they finally got the results out to the school, Becca's scholl has not recieved the full lot..and they have been mis-marked. Kids that were expected a high result have been given low ones....if any! The school has sent them all back and requested they get re-done. But for kids like mine who are due to change school it's a huge blow. They are streamed according to these results so now they may not be put in the correct sets for their ability. It's just such a shame for the kids really, but i now have little if any faith in the marking for this year. I guess i will have to wait till October for her CAT tests to see her levels. What a waste of time for the schools and children. And how disappionting for the teachers to see their efforts with the children thrown to the wind like that.

On Octamom's site she asked what quote makes us laugh or ponder stuff.... i have just so many, LOL, but here is one i really like:

I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.


Octamom said...

So sorry for your daughter's unfortunate experience--it is such a blow when kids do what we ask, work hard, work diligently and then have to deal with this kind of mess-up.

LOVE your quote! Made me giggle!!!


Lady divine said...

sorry to hear about this......
these things happen... I've lost great achievements by losing very little marks.... and after working so hard for them...
this is how the world goes sometimes... :(

Lets hope for the best..:)


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