Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Something made me sad today....

There aren't too many things that really shock me, crumbs i was a soldier once. There aren't too many things that make me real angry or disappointed but today i overheard a mother and her child and i was just devastated for the poor kid. I do not know them, the child goes to my sons school. That is where any relationship with us ends. But as we were waiting to meet the girls, David and I stood by a tree outside the school gates. It was not raining hard but the awful fine mist that soaks you through! The child arrives at it's mother (term used so loosely here) and the conversation goes:

mother: "Why the f*** are you late?"
child: "My teacher wanted to see me. I got star of the day!" (child sounds quite pleased with self)
mother: " who gives a f*** I'm soaking wet, lets get f****** home."

My heart just broke. I do not know these people but i was so sad for that child. Star of the day is something earned, for being good, working hard and pleasing your teacher. It IS something to be celebrated not thrown away and stamped on. While the child had no certificate to speak of, it must have been truly crushed that its hard work did not please it's parent. I was absolutely astounded how a lady posing as a mother could be so cruel. So what she was wet, so what the child came out a little later than usual, is that not totally made up for by the teacher deeming it necessary to praise the child for its achievements?

My poor son looked at me and said
"That wasn't very nice was it Mum?"

I just hugged him. The hug of a Mum who loves her child whether good, silly, naughty or mean. He is my son and i love him regardless. Don't all Mums?

I hope the childs father was a little more receptive to the child's news.

So little person, whoever you are, I am taking a moment out of my day, even if you never ever read this, to say Well done to you. For being star of the day, for getting an award that was well deserved because it was well earned. be proud of yourself, I am proud of you.


Ron said...

I am with ya on that one .. I taught high school for 4 years .. those same parents are doing the same things to the same students in high school .. I look at it as 'removing the value' of the child .. once a kid feels they have no value, there is no more consequence for their actions .. a dangerous place to be

Value a kid ..

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Oh my gosh, Gil, that made me so sad too! It gave me chills, and brought a tear to my eye! (I am super emotional today for some reason-so that doesn't help :-)

Yes, all Moms SHOULD love their children like we do.

Jen said...

That just tears at my heart! That poor little one that was so proud and to the joy stomped into the mud like that. Breaks my heart. Makes me become even more aware of what I say to my boys...and makes me want to give them some extra hugs.

Gail said...

That is just horrible! It makes no sense that a mother could do that to her child, even if she was having a bad day. Poor kiddo.

It does make my heart soar to see you taking the time to remember him/her on your blog though - even though that child will never know. Maybe someone will make a positive impact in that child's life one day.


Octamom said...

Wow. Those kinds of exchanges that I sometimes see between parent and child are just wrenching. I struggle with how we can better teach parents how to show love and encouragement and support to their kids--so that those kids will know how to parent their children in turn. I'll join you in sending good wishes to this little one and will pray that the Lord provide him someone in his life who can show love and kindness.


miruspeg said...

We are all deeply saddened when we see/hear such exchanges.

Your note to the little girl was so beautiful and as it is 'out there' now it will find it's way to the little girl and will conteract her mothers dreadful behaviour.

Bless you


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