Thursday, 6 November 2008

Poorly kid

I was called to collect Bex from school today. She is sooo poorly :(
She has a rash all over her face, neck, shoulders and torso. She aches all over to the point i cannot touch her and she has a sore throat.
The Dr. saw her, (when i rang to ask for an appt he told me to bring her in as he would see her right away!)he said it might be allergies or viral so he gave piriton and wants to see her in the morning!
So far the pirition isnt working and the poor girl keeps crying because she aches so much. My heart breaks for her.
I guess she will be off school tomorrow, a day on the sofa with her duvet is in order I think!
On a happier note i met her tutor tonight, she has settled well into senior school and they are pleased with her. Her guitar teacher says she is making really good progress! I'm really proud of her and can't hug her :( She looks awful and is currently fast asleep in her bed. Hope she is better in the morning. I hate seeing the kids ill.


Jen said...

Oh poor Becky! I hope she is feeling better soon. It is so hard to watch your kiddos suffering like that and not be able to do anything for them...not even hold them. :( *hugs* to Mom.

Gail said...

I'm sorry to hear she's not feeling well. I hope the doc can do more for her in the morning. *hugs to both of you*

Octamom said...

So sorry she's not feeling well--sounds just miserable. Hope that the doc is able to get her more comfortable as she heals up.

Love the new header, the new profile pic, the new template--Girl, you've been busy rearranging the furniture!



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