Sunday, 30 November 2008

December already?

It seems everyone is getting ready for Christmas and stepping it up a gear! Decorations are flying up everywhere and towns are having Christmas Lights ceremonies. I feel i am letting the side down a litte, with the advent calendars on the door and cards recieved early in the holders on the wall...I'm done! LOL
I wont be putting the tree up until the children beging their school holiday,
I wont be wrapping presents (not that i have bought any) until at least Dec 20th and
I wont decorate the cake until Dec 22 when i am sure i cannot put any more brandy in it!
I'm not a scrooge though, not by any manner of means! This is how we do it in our house! Since we got married, since the kids could give input on when they want the tree up and since we are big on our own traditions!
I am in awe of everyone that can do it this early and not get fed up of it all by Dec 15th! I wish i was more like i made an attempt on the blog and will add more decorations soon! LOL

I spent 3 hours studying today and am looking forward (kinda) to my run tomorrow! I will post to let you all know how it goes if it doesn't kill me! hehe.

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