Saturday, 22 November 2008

Not quite moving house!

Over a year ago now Rich and I decided that the children needed space. More space in our cosy compact quarters! So we had a huge change around upstairs. We moved out of the biggest bedroom in the house to make way for the girls as they are growing so fast we figured they needed a lot more room to dance with hair brushes, to play instruments and have friends over. We moved David into the girls room, the middle sized room, as he too needed room to build with his Lego, fly his star wars space craft, drive his action men around and generally be a boy that loves to play with his toys! So that left Rich and I in the teeny weeny littlest room! I kid you not! The bed is a double, one side is against the main wall, the other is a foot away from the door! We fit 2 sets of draws in there but it's been ok as really we only sleep in there and do not need to use it like the kids do.
Well we have decided we are ready as a couple to upgrade. Which means someone has to downgrade! David has that privilege bless him. So we are moving into his room, where it will be wonderful to be able to walk around our bed once more, he is getting the closet room, on the promise of his own PC and a new PC desk! So today is mini moving day. When we are all done and all is clean and tidy and how we like it, i will take photos and post them. I'm not doing before pictures as its a real mess up there LOL! Sorry!


Ron said...

what ? other houses get messy ? I thought it was only mine.

i gave you a 'shout out' on my blog

t h a i t r a i t said...

Hope the mini-move went well. You can celebrate by roasting some broccoli! That's my favorite way to eat it...yum, roasted in oil and sea salt and pepper. I also love it steamed with copious amounts of peanut sauce.

Jen said...

Congrats on moving up and having more space! And what a great sport David is for cooperating (congrats on the PC, David ;) ). I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Boy Mom said...

Ahh, 'a change is as good as a rest' comes to mind.

Enjoy your new room!

Octamom said...

Good for you! Hope the move has gone well--and score for David--a new PC? Yeah it's worth his time!

Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet comments over at my place on the Selah. It is such a comfort to know my friends have your prayers.



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