Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Shot myself in the foot and it smarts!

Long story coming up, get a coffee and read on!
In our small unit at work, the one where we deal with the 1 - 2 year olds, we split the group in half(ish) and the staff are equally split to cover ratios of children. Now all of us get on with some of us! I work immediately with C, B, any students and occasionally J.
The other group have E and two others the i affectionately call Dumb and Dumber!(please do not judge me too harshly its my coping strategy!)
For example, I asked one of them to lay the floor cloth down for mealtime. She ignored me. Five minutes later i hear the same person say "shall i lay the floor cloth?", she looks at the children and repeats the question (as if they will answer her!) and keeps muttering it until i say "Yes, lay the floor cloth, good idea" (sarcasm i lost on this person so i get away with it a lot!).The other person is relatively new to us, she came in and tried to re-organise how we do everything, she undermines senior staff members (it's like car crash TV, you don't want to watch but cannot help it!)She micro manages everything. Trying to constantly take over. She is a lot older than all of us, same age as my Mum and doesn't take too kindly to us qualified folks giving advice or handing out jobs!
I have tried so hard to be understanding, give settling in time. To teach our ways of doing things, to allow for initiative, to request things are done without being bossy but now i think time is up. No, now i know time is up!

E has just returned from her holidays, she is finding D and D hard going! I have to agree with her!
One of them could not make a decision if it was life depending, and the other micro manages everything (except messy play!) ALL THE TIME!
I have been watching, and despairing, of the micro managing and lack of anything going on up top with these two for a couple of days now. E is ready to get her shot gun out. So i speak to her. I advise not asking them to do things as this leaves things open to interpretation! I advised short instructions using words of one syllable and giving instructions that are concise! (Really yes this is how it has to be done with these two.) So she tries and still she seems to be ignored by micro manager, the other one seems to be coping with this new strategy!
So i quietly speak to our manager. I tell her i think E is going to snap and when she goes it is NOT going to be pretty (funny but not pretty!).
Well you guessed it..the upshot of all this is that E and my lucky self are swapping rooms. I have the lucky task of working with Dumb and Dumber! Because apparently i can cope with them. (*see me twitch!*) E feels terrible, i told her not to be silly and just pray for me!
Of course part of me wants to run and hide under my duvet until i wake up from this nightmare. Another part of me looks forward to the challenge, (but that is a real small part of me) but mostly my main thoughts were, wow this'll make some great blogging material!! (Do you think it's an obsession? LOL)

Well done if you suffered all that with me! and thanks!


Jen said...

Oh I will be thining and praying for you girlfriend!! It should make for some great blogging though ;) I have found myself in the midst of some huge mess with my boys thinking about the blogging and have to laugh at myself. I think it is a way of coping with it all. Maybe the micro manager will end up moving on and that worry will be taken care of. :) *HUGS*

Octamom said...

Oh.no. Yikes.

Well, you good Samaritan, you, this should make for some good blogging material...with some strong medication...


Fly Girl said...

Oh, my. I don't envy you! I've had to work with a few Ds before; now I teach 8th-graders!

I saw your comment about running over at Steph's Problem-Solving Mom site. I was never a runner until I met my husband. Labored through a few runs with him and took forever to be able to run a mile without stopping. About seven years ago, I finished a 20-mile run as I trained for a marathon. So... you can do it! And, yes, you can start small.

In fact, I would love to start running again and may have to start off by walking some first since I'm so out of shape. So my goal will be... a possible marathon somewhere in the future but for the short-term, get out and walk/jog as often as I can. It's a great feeling and even a non-runner can become one!

Now, the big question is... when do I have to start?!


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