Monday, 3 November 2008

Bloggers block?

The lovely Deb over at Stilettos to Sneakers has tagged me for a little ol' award! Thanks Deb - you are a cool lady~if not slightly insane due to to the marathon running ;) ~ and i thank you!
I have to post 6 things that make me happy!!
My nominations are at the bottom of the post ;)

6 things:

1. Waking up everyday with my Husband. Sounds odd? Well he was a soldier once, and was away in tours ALL the time. So now it is great to open my eyes and see him sleeping next to me. knowing he is beside me and safe. Perfect start to the day for me.

2. My 3 kids! They are such nice people to be around. All 3 of them can make me laugh a lot, they can hold a good conversation and amazingly they all get along!

3. Chocolate. When all else fails a bar of Galaxy will make it better.

4. My friend Beccy. She's my sounding board and confident. I am comfortable with her when talking, gossiping, laughing and especially in those silences that are never uncomfortable. She is just so great to be around.

5. When Rich' kisses me for no reason. When we are curled up together and he just kisses the top of my head. Just one kiss that says you are my whole world. I know I'm loved.

6. My bed. I could be an Olympian in sleeping. And i would win hands down! I love getting into a fresh, ice cold bed and snuggling into my duvet. Getting warm and cosy, not daring to move into a "cold spot" and just falling asleep peacefully. I hate leaving it in the morning - i have to have the alarm clock outside on the landing or i will not get up!

Did you ever have a time where you felt that you have nothing to blog about..but oh so much going on in your head? I think i would be a psychologists dream client (or a complete nightmare!) right now!
Swamped with thoughts of work, career options (where do i go now??), kids and Christmas (yes i dared to say the "c" word - sorry all) to name but a few!
I think i must be in a lull! I've been making my Christmas cards (there i go saying it again!) and getting kind of prepared!! But the blog? Well the mind is blank. I want so much to post something witty, incite full, though provoking...but nope something happen between the brain and fingers and it all goes awry.
Maybe I'm just trying too hard and should just let go...or maybe i should open a bottle of wine and watch The Notebook again! LOL.

Award Nominations:

Jen and her life surrounded by testosterone.

Gen and her Quads.

The Lovely AVT coach.


Jen said...

You are such a sweetie! I am honored by the award...although I am doubting the "Kreativ" part. :)

I have been thinking about Christmas things a lot as well. Mainly because when I walked in WalMart on Saturday morning, they were playing Christmas music!! And it was only the day after Halloween! UGH!! I still have to finish Christmas shoping, take the Christmas card photo...CREATE a Christmas card and put together my Year-In-Review books to have printed. Oh My! And only a little over 7 weeks to get it all day. Ugh! I personally don't drink, but I'm all for the putting it all aside and watching The Notebook again :)

The McNulty Family said...

AHHHH THANK YOU! I am honored. Truly, honored! :)

AND.. I've already got a few ideas for my own list! How fun!

As for Christmas, YIKES! I think I'll get through this move first... lol. BUT, I'm all for a bottle of wine and the Notebook. That sounds like a perfect night to me.

Thank you again for thinking of me and for the BIG HUGE SMILE you put on my face!! :)


avtcoach said...

Thank you so much for honoring me with this award. I do love to read your blog and will continue to follow. I hope to come back and visit the other blogs you awarded!

Octamom said...

I can totally relate to your #6 item--I adore, adore, adore my crisp white cotton sheets and heavy down duvet--I am so glad the nights are getting cooler here so I can do that whole 'snuggle in' thing!

Thanks so much for your comments today about 4 of 8 and fighting fear--I know that you will arrive at the right decision for you. It is quite an undertaking, to make such a big decision--but I pray that the Lord will give your wisdom and direction for what would be best for your health, your body, your peace of mind--


miruspeg said...

I can relate to number 3 and 4.....chocolate and peas and carrots said Forrest Gump!

So happy for you that you get kissed for no reason....they are always the BEST kisses.

We all want to write something witty, inciteful and thought is the BLOGGER in the Notebook, great idea, I'll think I'll watch it again with a glass of wine as well.



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