Monday, 2 June 2008

As if a broken hand isn't enough

Well they say it never rains....this past week sure proved that. David was ill for about 4 days, just off colour and not right then spent 2 days being sick. I thought the rest of us had escaped it but Becky and I got it yesterday and poor Rachel has it today. Hopefully Rich will escape it as he has been out at work with the flu, poor guy.
So we have all been knocked for six really. So today is a day off for the younger two anyway and Rachel got a day off, which she was not impressed about in the slightest!
So i am up to my elbows in housework and washing now so this is a short post!
Hopefully all will be back to normal tomorrow.

1 comment:

Lee said...

Oh, you poor things, the girls and I had something imilar 2 weeks ago and it was miserable. I hope your well soon.

Sending Get Well vibes! :-)


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