Monday, 16 June 2008


My very very wonderful bud' Vick's came over today. She had booked the day off work and because i'd said i was bored at home she came over and the plan was to get some studying done!
We kicked off at about 9.45....and just after 12.30 stopped for a bite of lunch (obviously we had snacked on popcorn and 2ltr of unleaded coke..and a little chat about the way things are going at work!).
We took the whole afternoon to have lunch! Would you believe it!! Well i showed her how to play on the x box and we collected the kids from school...the day just ran away LOL. It was just so great to have some company if anyone else finds themselves free - i'd love a visit. I make a mean lunch, honest!
So i guess i will be studying again huh :( !

1 comment:

Lee said...

The next time I'm in England, I'll definitely drop in for a visit ;-P

Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me!


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