Sunday, 8 June 2008

My big news!!

I was feeling quite despondent this week, what with the arm being put in a cast again and being unable to do most everyday things due to being left handed! So when my good friends Dyanna and Michelle asked me if i would be happy being the creative team leader over at the scrapping garden I was delighted! So i am now heading up a team of 15 of us gals! It is going to be challenging and hard work but also a lot of fun! I am so looking forward to getting stuck in! Thanks Dyanna and Michelle for putting your faith in me!

Rach' had a great time yesterday playing her sax in Alton here are some of the pics...
They played.. Money, money, money.. can you feel the love tonight, greased lightning and summer loving.


Darwin said...

That looks like fun! Sorry to hear about the cast, is it very itchy?:) I think that's the biggest minus about having a cast!

Gill said...

Yeah - the cast is immensely itchy! But i have a cure - a little black coathanger age 9 -10 fits down it perfectly!!!LOL.And when we go out in the car i hang it out the window..the breeze the flows up into it is just lovely!! hehe!!

Lady divine said...

certainly looks like lots of fun!!:)
Rachel must've had a great time too..:)

Lee said...

WOW! Congrats to you! That is wonderful news and I know you are the best person for the job!

Rachael looks like she is having a ball, great pics too! :-)


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