Saturday, 14 June 2008

Kids or Fish!

No not an option in a restaurant!
The kids all have swimming lessons on a Friday night and three weeks ago David moved up to a level 3, well last night his teacher watched him and said "David, you are too good for my group, go up to the next one!" So now in just 3 lessons ( and no extra swimming due to my arm) he has been put in level 4! He was so pleased with himself! Rachel is a level 6 borderline 7 and Becky moved up to a level 7 last night too! She is over the moon because they use all the bricks and do somersaults under the water and swim through hoops (sounds like a dolphin show huh!). I am just so pleased for them all, doing so well!

On Thursday David was star of the day from his teacher too, so he bought a teddy bear home and had to write a diary entry of what they got up to!

My parents told him to stop telling them all his achievements because they cost them too much money! They put money in piggy banks for the kids when they achieve things.

He really seems to have matured lately and i am just so proud!

On a funny (ish) note, he came out of school yesterday and said "Mum did you know you are a female dog?" I said "no i didn't, why am i a female dog?" His reply was "Well E***** said i am a son of a bit**!" Well i didn't know whether to laugh or cry! My friend overheard and just roared with laughter! Thanks Mandy for all your help LOL. We left it with, "Well that's not very nice, so you just don't repeat it ok!"

Have a great weekend all :)

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Lee said...

*stifling laughter here* now go give that other kid a clip over the ears! LOL


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