Saturday, 25 April 2009

Update on Becky!

Numerous people have been on touch asking how the little lady is getting on!
Well the good news is the cancer(s) they were looking for are ruled out..what a load off my mind that is. She also does not have diabetes. So where does this leave us now?
Still very much in the dark as to what is causing her weight loss and lethargy. Still waiting for her hospital to come through. Still plying her with chocolate and coke! She is rapidly going off chocolate though!!
So all in all she is ok. She is plodding along, still being upbeat, still eating like a horse, still tired and worn out and still as funny as ever. She certainly has managed to keep her sense of humour through all of this. Even when her favourite clothes are falling off her. She has dropped from 8 stone to 5 stone 13 lbs since January.

I do promise to keep you all informed about when her appointment is and what any outcomes may be.

Thanks for asking about her. xx


miruspeg said...

Thanks for the update Gill...Rebecca certainly is a special child and to stay upbeat with all that is happening to her body shows such maturity.

I am sending light and love over to her, your precious, precious child.

Big, big hugs

BaronessBlack said...

Poor Love! Poor all of you! Personally, I always think the worst situation is not knowing.
Have they ruled out things like ME and tick-born encephalitis/Lyme disease?
I know I had tick fever and brucellosis during my A-levels but then my parents lived in Africa and worked in rather strange places!

Ron said...

Thanks gill ..

We continue to pray for Becky .. I must agree that while it is a relief to know some of the big 'nots' it is still hard not to know the 'whats'

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Hi Gill, I'm so sorry to hear about Becky! I sure know what it's like to have someone ill in the family. I hope you guys figure it out soon. I'm back to blogging. Sorry it's been so long. Miss you too. Deb

Octamom said...

Thanks for the update--I've been thinking of you all and wondering how things were going for Becky--

Praying that you find the right doc and health care situation for her quickly!


Boy Mom said...

I've been thinking of all of you. Hope all is well.



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