Thursday, 9 April 2009

Successful op.

Well i went into hospital yesterday afternoon and was first on the list to be operated on. WOW the one time i am top of the list and i really didn't want to be!
While under anesthetic i decided i'd grown fond of the tube in my throat so much so that they had to wake me up to ask me to stop biting on it so they could remove it!Oops!
I recall desperately trying to come round in recovery and seeing a rather large blurred sunflower. It was so bright and big it was lovely to wake to. I had a conversation with a nurse but cannot remember it, only that it took place.
So i left the ward at 1pm and was back on it at 4pm. By 6pm i had tried getting up to use the bathroom...and failing. The floor is not that far to fall too but still hurts! I was being sick by6.30pm so they kindly decided not to send me home but kept me in.
I am now home recovering.
They looked at my right originally had a 4.5cm cyst on it. That burst 3 weeks ago. My ovary was clear at that time. Yesterday my ovary had 9 small to medium cysts on it. They removed some to enable them to see my ovary and then decided to remove that too. woohoo. So i am delighted with how it all went...except for the pain i'm in but the tablets are working!


Octamom said...

So glad you're procedure is done and that you are now at home--hope you are feeling much better soon!


Ron said...

glad to hear things went well .. except for your date with the floor .. glad you are home .. it is always better to be in familiar surroundings

miruspeg said...

You certainly haven't lost your sense of humour Gill!

Now heres to a speedy recovery.

Sending you lots of love

Fly Girl said...


I'm so glad you are doing well. It's so much better to recover in the comfort of your home. I'm sure your family is taking good care of you!


Anonymous said...

Glad all went well...hope your recovery is quick! Take it easy...


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