Saturday, 4 April 2009

School spring concert.

We went along to the girls school summer music concert on Thursday evening! It was so wonderful to listen to all the children playing their instruments and singing. So great that they all want to take part in school activities like this. And the range of abilities did not matter either.
Rae and Becky were singing with the choir, Rae also sang with Resonate, the schools gifted singers choir and she played sax with the Big Band! They play music from Les favourite show ever and they blew me away!

Tomorrow we are off to see my parents..Mum turns the big six oh! So we're going for a party of sorts, well lunch and cake anyway haha. I will be sure to get some pics!

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Boy Mom said...

#3 told us last night that his spring band concert is tonight. Love their concerts, except that I sit and cry with happy through the whole thing.


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