Monday, 4 May 2009

What a weekend!

No news on Becky...still waiting!

However i did have the best weekend EVER (well in a lot of years) this weekend! LOL
I got a text on Friday from an old army friend Pip, she was coming to Twickenham to see the Army v Navy rugby match and was staying in a hotel 20 mins from my house with 3 other old army buddies, Ali, Ali and Kerry,...could i meet them there for a drink?? Haha silly question really!
So i went along to see them:


Kerry (green top)
Ali B!
Ali W
The gang! l-r Pip, me, Kerry, Ali W, Ali B.
Its been roughly 12 years since we've been together and man we laughed so much, fell back into the old ways had some drinks and talked well into the night! Pip rang my hubby to get permission to kidnap me for the night and bless him he approved! So they then decided how to "sneak" me in...they had plans of dragging me in the window on the ground floor..but i decided on the door..we've all got a bit bigger since our stealthy army days and i did not want to be responsible for any backs being put out (especially mine) however funny it may have been!

So i had to sneak out on Saturday morning and head home to collect the hubby and kids as they were spending the day with my Dad while i took my Mum to a spa day for her 60th birthday!
And what a day we had!

Full Body Massage.
Specifics Facial
sauna, jaccuzi, steam room, pool....
Drinks all day on tap!

We had the best girly day together, it was wonderful.

So now we are all home, today is a UK bank holiday so we just hung out and chilled! Back to work tomorrow but wow what a weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a hoot ! Tarax

BaronessBlack said...

Good photos!

Ron said...

sounds like a great reunion .. glad you had a good time

Jen said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Glad to hear you had a chance to relax and escape some of the health concerns you have been facing in your family. *hugs* You SO deserved it!!

Fly Girl said...

Your weekend and spa day with your mother sound absolutely wonderful! Friends and family are such blessings!

Glad you had such a lovely time!


miruspeg said...

Catching up with old friends is so special and by the photos you sure looked like you had the BEST time.

I can just imagine the planning of sneaking you in and out....lots of laughter and giggling.

It is always lovely to read happy posts like this one Gill.


Leah said...

Friends and girl time rock! Such a blessing.


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