Monday, 5 May 2008

May Day Bank Holiday ..

As you can see i am back with Blogger... my other blog got hacked! LOL unbelievable! Someone decided to be me and post things i wasnt to happy to have in there! Still i live and learn! Somethings are better off staing the same. So i came back here. Only thing i am cross about is all the links and posts i lost :(. Grrr!

Well my poor hubby was working is always the way it seems, when i take the kids to see my family in Brighton. It is my Niece's birthday today, shes is the ripe old age of 3!! So we spent what could be the last birthday in the UK with her. Rich and I are still waiting to hear about our visa...we are desperate to take the kids out of England and raise them in a better place, so we are hoping to be heading for Australia! We are so excited, but trying really hard to keep it in check in case it all goes horribly wrong!! We just want to get there! The kids are all looking forward to it which make a big move like that so much easier!!

Here are some photos of today:





Nanny and Elouise


Blowing out the candles!!

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