Saturday, 10 May 2008

Goings on!

Well been a fairly quiet week this week. The kids are dong well in their respective schools and activities!
Rachel is getting ready to sit her Grade 3 Flute, Grade 4 Saxophone and Stage 1 Singing exams.
Rebecca just got her Trinity exam results and certificate back. She is a level 5 now - 2 years ahead of where she should be! She has her SAT's this week and is not too happy about it!!
And David has moved up another level in his swimming! Wow his face was a picture when he was told!! Bless him, he works so hard at swimming so he really has earned it!

I am having a few issues at work with an overqualified no common sense plonker!! She just lives in this lovely place where all kids under the age of 5 have read and will do everything by the book!! She has no kids of her own and is just soooo clueless! And as far as people skills go...grrrr she has none at all. I am a 30 something adult, and this jumped up little "£$%$£^%^ speaks to and treats me like i am 5 years old! I appreciate she wants things done "her" way. She has stated that. She has issued a "timetable" of how the day is to be run which for the most part i can agree with. However i do not regularly need or appreciate being asked if it is being followed and activities being done. THEY ARE! (unless something better comes up - like a day at the park with the kids!!) Sure she is the Stage leader i can live with that - she has the certificates that warrant her post BUT she does not seem to have ANY faith in her team for carrying out day to day tasks, and that really bothers me.
The really bad thing is that she has had almost 2 weeks off and is back this week. So she will be checking up on everything we have or have not done...and i resent the hell out of that.
Still i have to put up with it till i know for sure whether or not we are moving to Australia!! I do after all want a good reference!! aaagh!


Darwin said...

Oh dear, she sounds like a right pain but hang in there, you do need a good ref! I was shocked to see your blog got hacked, hope it's all sorted now?

Gill said...

Thanks! Yeah she is a pain and getting worse - but soon i will be on the beach laughing at the memory!! I had to delete the last blog so i moved house LOL!! thanks though!


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