Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Well since we have not heard from the visa people "yet".. we are looking at an "instead of" change! Since both girls will be in school in Alton which is 13 miles or so away we decided it might be a better idea to move there if we don't go to Oz! So i rang a school today with a view to putting David in there in Sept. I spoke to a really nice lady who is going to arrange a visit for me and a day there fro David! Very cool!

My eye is currently a bright shade of yellow after the Dr. put a dye in it to see why i keep getting conjunctivitis!! I need to swab it in the morning and stay off work (such a hardship!! haha)

And speaking of work. Well after two weeks without the poisoned dwarf...she sure let us know she is back god dammit!
There are 3 of us that do planning for our 13 kids - two of us share 7 and one has 6 to herself as she is full time and us others job share (with a 2 hour overlap, so we do see each other)!
We planned for this week on Monday as we did not get time out to do it last week.
We decided to give all the kids the same tasks for the week as it was based on something they are all into. So "P.D" decides to question me about why its the same for all of them! I told her why. Then she seperately asks the other two the same thing, probably to see if our stories all match up!!! What is her problem? They will all learn something from it even if they don't learn the same thing! Grrr.
Then to top it off, today during the kids rest time she pops into the room where we have the kids that don't sleep and are chatting to them and playing games, to tell us one of the kids has been awake for 10 minutes and has been waking all the others up! AAAaaaagh why o why did she not tell us sooner or go and collect the child that was awake? No, thats too easy, instead she tells us and gives us a look of disgust that we didn't hear the child!! I could honestly just slap her at times! She sure gives truth to the saying "all brains and no common sense!" So much for being part of a team!

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Darwin said...

A yellow eye? eeek! Hope you're all better now!


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