Sunday, 25 May 2008

Broke my hand!!

Yes, i fell on the stairs and managed to break my hand!! To top it all it's my left hand..and yep you guessed it - i am left handed!!
An xray of the bone!
I managed to keep it iced for 24 hours before i had enough and went to A & E where they promptly plastered it!! I never realised how much i rely on my hand! I know i use it a lot but it's the sily little things - brushing my teeth and hair! Eating, especially with a spoon. All the daft little wrist movements that you don't know you are doing! And i could be stuck like this for 2 - 6 weeks!!
I have a back slab plaster on at the moment, i have to go get a full cast this week!! The kids are trying to get me to pick their favourite colours for the cast too! New family game!! LOL


Lee said...

Oh ouch! You poor thing! I hope you get off lightly with the two weeks...oh I couldn't imagin, at least you can still type though!

Lady divine said...

ohh..sorry to hear that.. hope it heals soon...
do take care..

I remember once my younger brother was playing basketball in school and he fell and fractured both his wrists and couldnt move his hands and was with plaster of paris for 2 months!
Imagine that! everyone had a tough time..esp him..

so be careful and take care..

Lee said...

You've been tagged my friend, check my blog :-)

Jen said...

Ugh!! I hope you heal very quickly. I can't wait to see what color cast you end up with ;)


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