Sunday, 18 May 2008

End of year tests and SAT's!!

Well my two girlies have now finished a week of tests and exams for the end of year!
Rachels results will be out with her school report next month and i am not worried about them at all!
Becky just finished a week of SAT tests. She amazed me this week. I expected a bit of stressy attitude from her, i got none! She was perfectly happy to go into school early with the other year 6 children as the teachers had arranged a period of dance for the kids to help them relax and unwind before setting to the tasks in hand! So huge thanks to the school for that - she loved it!
I have no worries about her results, she has worked really hard and is expecting above average results ready for senior school in Sept!
So this week they will probably do some fun stuff before the half term break.
Then it is only 7 or 8 weeks until the summer holidays! Scary!
So if we are in Oz all the kids will be starting afresh and if not, then they will all be at school in Alton and we will have moved house (i hope!).


Lee said...

I keep losing you! Did you give up on wordpress?

It's weird that your school year finishes half way through the year! LOL something else for you that will be different if/when you move out here...

Glad the kids have worked hard and they will deserve the good results coming their way...


Gill said...

hey you! Yeah wordpress was gotten at by some delightful person with too much time on their hands!!

I have totally researched the whole school year thing!!

While ours runs Sept 1 - Aug 31
yours in Jan - December (makes mor sense to me!!)With 6 weeks off in the Summer - 23 July - 3 Sept (ish)
So the kids will be the youngest in the year, not the oldest and will go from being winter babies to Summer babies!! That is wierd!!

We have also (we being me!!) decided that we will be visiting you if the damned visa ever arrives!! Not sure when - but we will! So get the kettle on! We love good coffee!

Jen said...

Ah! HERE you are! I can't keep up with your blog hopping ;)

Sorry to hear there has been such a delay with the Visas. Sounds like you have a great plan if you stay in England though!

Enjoy your summer! :)


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