Friday, 3 September 2010

Update on Becky.

You may remember THIS.

Just when I thought that Becky had “out grown” her episodes of absences. Having been seen by a lovely paediatrician at the royal Surrey hospital and signed out of his care last October. He had given her EEG tests, ECG tests, blood test and a whole plethora of other tests it was deemed she did not have Petit Mal Epilepsy and we put all her absences down to “hormones / one of those things!”

She has not had one of these episodes since last October. I was sure she was in the clear and could happily get on with her teens like everyone else.

So she joined the Air Cadets, (you can see by previous posts and photos she loves it!) and got on with enjoying life, absence free.

We recently sent her off with the Air Cadets on the annual summer camp. She, like with everything else, went into camp life headlong and got involved with everything the week had to offer.

Imagine my surprise to receive a phone call on the Wednesday night from her commanding officer telling me that she was unwell and needed to come home.

He was very reassuring telling me that a Dr was with her and that she was ok.

She had been flying, doing aerobatics and after returning to camp for dinner she had a running episode of 12 absences.

He then had the unenviable task of breaking the news to her that she would not be staying at camp but would be returning home.
Obviously she was crushed but it was the right decision. She did need to come home.
Prior to leaving she became very hyperactive, rushing around saying goodbyes and packing up.

So three hours later when she was bought to my door she looked exhausted. I have never seen a child so tired and drained of energy. It was a good 48 hours before she looked more like herself.

The RAF Dr that saw her wrote me a letter to give to the hospital (who, I am grateful to say, had given me a one year window to return to their care for this “illness”). The letter has been faxed to her paediatrician and she now has an appointment to see him again in the 21 September.
She has had no more episodes since returning home, although I have been adamant in getting her to rest!

Perhaps it was bought on by exhaustion and the fact that during her aerobatics she was pulling 3 to 4 g’s.

Lets hope we get some answers soon.


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