Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ok so a bigger update (with pictures) on all of us!

Ok so i have shared to ups ans downs, highs and lows of Becky's flying life, I guess i better let you all know what the rest of us are up to or you will start to think she has hijacked my blog!
So get yourself a coffee (maybe a Thermos) and a biscuit (or four) then take some time to catch up on the rest of us!
Rich has been working SO hard. He is an amazing husband and father and takes his role as a provider to his family very seriously! There was a point we really were ships in the night. And I missed him. Lots.   
Still in August we went on holiday together, with the children... my parents, my brother, his wife and their two children! Time together in a converted barn in Devon. It was lovely. The weather was kind to us, if you don't count the thunderstorm on our arrival nor the fog on our departure!
It was so lovely to spend time away from home with Rich. Seeing him relax a bit. Watching him enjoying time with the kids. Snuggling with him at night, hearing his relaxed breathing.  

I have been ill pretty much all of this year, well since March 14th (UK Mothers day to be precise!). I need surgery. I am getting my surgery. 13th September is my planned date for it.  It feels like it's been a long time coming! And i will be able to blog more, what with being off on "sick" leave. I will be home for between 10 days and 6 weeks depending what they do to me. ha ha.don't you just love surprises?
 I am still enjoying my job and we are now planning to move house. hooray!
So what can i tell you about Rae? Well she is still doing amazingly well at school. She took one of her GCSE (UK exams) exams early and has chosen 13 in total to study over the next two years. The average is 8 or 9. I hope she can find time to a) fit it all in and b) still have fun being a kid. I guess time will tell.
She is now playing the Sax, Flute and guitar as well as her singing lessons oh and doing her music theory exam.
It was great to see her relaxing on holiday:

Laughing in the garden in Devon.
Walking along the shore.

Becky has also been doing well at school. She is choosing her GCSE options this year. Eeeek! I am NOT ready to go through ALL that AGAIN!
She has a beau in her life, the lovely C. He is good for her. I like him. He keeps a close eye on her at school for me with regard to her blanking out. 

Becky and her beau C.

She spent a LOT of time in the sea while we were on holiday...
About to start a water fight with Uncle Andy.

Losing at the water fight!

So we move to to youngest member of the clan. David, has surprised me lately. He is thoughtful, helpful, caring, funny and about to enter his final year at junior school. That's right I am nearly the mother of 3 children in senior school. YUK!
He is still my baby. He cannot be nearly 11, despite what his birth certificate says. In typical boy fashion, when we asked what he would like as reward for a good year at school, he asked for... drumroll.. wait for it..
2 Giant African Land Snails. Oh dear Lord.
So welcome to the family... Dory and Crush! (Photos soon of those two!!)
David thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and spending time with Dad and Grandad. With all the girls at home he does like some "man time".

Surf Dude!
First Geocache find of the holiday!

Looking good kid.

And so that my dear friends is you all caught up with the comings and goings of me, him and them! I will really try harder to post more often. Promise!

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Lady divine said...

I'm reading you blog after some time and the kids have really grown!

nice to know you had a good time..:)

Boy Mom said...

Your children are so beautiful. I love the picture of Rae laughing in the garden and Bex in the water, I have a similar picture of me at a similar age. Giant snails? Yikes! but, being a true boy mom at heart I can't wait to meet them.

Praying the surgery goes well and, a big hug to your husband, a good man deserves a big hug from a complete stranger every now and then.


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