Saturday, 24 July 2010

I think i need therapy!

I have been terrible for blogging (or not as the case may be) this year. I have been too darned lazy found it really hard to get my mojo going since going back to work full time. Not that i am complaining, I love my job. I think they like me, after all I have been there over year! But I am increasingly finding myself sitting here at my blog, mooching through all your blogs and wondering how or where you get your inspiration, and can I please have some? I love blogging, it is great for my creative outlet.. when it is working! So I click on all your blogs and read all you are up to and whats going on and then I lose track of why I sat here in the first place.
I am determined to get back into being a good blogger, to give you all a reason to stop by. Not sure how exactly I am going to do that yet but i am gonna try.
So this weekend between housework. laundry, making fudge with Rae (who just returned from the school music tour to Holland) and collecting Bex (who has gone gliding with the cadets) and playing with David (who is just getting over measles, even though I had him inoculated against it!) and studying for a promotion at work (new IT job, check me out!) I want to blog, blog hop and get inspired. So brace yourself blog buddies I am coming in... again!

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