Sunday, 25 July 2010

A bit of what you like.

Well today has been spent relaxing at home. We walked to the park (photos later) and played football (soccer). Rae and I decided to show our Croatian visitor just what home made fudge is, he had never heard of the name, seems he knows it as caramel but has actually never had what we Brits call caramel!
Here is how it turned out:
1lb Castor Sugar
1/3 of a can of Carnation Milk.
Add together and bring to the boil,

Pour into tray to set.

Cut up and enjoy!

Before pouring i added a teaspoon of vanilla essence!

And here we are at the park:

Rae Jumping around.

David reaching for his ball, trying not to get wet!

A hug with my eldest.

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Lady divine said...

that looks yumm!

Boy Mom said...

I have missed you! What amazing pictures! Sounds like life is being good to you. Big Hug!


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