Sunday, 31 May 2009

Ok so the hospital says...

I took my little sick note to the paediatrician who did LOTS of checks and tests, even had a dietitian there to talk to..and they seem to think that she needs an EEG as they think she might have a "teenage" epilepsy. Which would be the factor in all her other ailments. Luckily for us the school nurse was right there when she had a seizure at school the Monday before she had her appointment and she kindly wrote a statement of all that she saw, which helped the hospital immensely. So while i hate that she is going through this all i am glad it was witnessed when it was!
Apparently when pre-teens and teens stare into the distance and become "daydreamers", or don't hear you when you speak right to them it is a classic sign of this epilepsy. They kind of grow into it and should grow out of it by the time they are in their early 20's. So this coming Thursday they will give her an EEG and try to "stimulate" her into whatever they need her to do.
If this is the case she will be medicated which WILL stop all the things she has been going through. If left undiagnosed she will miss bits of her education so i am happy to have this done and hopefully get an answer for her.
Lets hope that this will give us some answers. I will be taking my camera ;)

I too am at the hospital this week..Tuesday for the results etc of my operation! It's all go here you know!


miruspeg said...

It certainly is all GO in your household Gill.
I have never heard of "teenage" epilepsy but if that is what Bec has and they can medicate for it, it will be a great relief for both of you.

As always I send you both lots of love and light to help you through this ordeal. Hope your results are all good as well on Tuesday.

Looking forward to reading a happy post in the near future.


Jen said...

Hope they figure this thing out!! And hope your check-up goes well too!!

Ron said...

Becky, you, and the rest of the family are in our prayers .. we hope all turns out well and can be treated .. thanks for keeping us informed ..
your far away family of sorts ..

Octamom said...

Still praying here--it sounds like you are getting closer to an answer--
Blessings and hugs~


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