Saturday, 15 May 2010

What a week...

Well it has been an interesting week for us. Rebecca has decided it is time to start flexing her teenage wings, unfortunately she flexed a little hard and i had to get the clippers out.
It was hard to deal with it all really, she is normally a fairly easy kid to raise but i have issued a punishment this week that is aimed to reel her back in... no going out, no PC and chores as and when i demand request with no questions asked! She is hating every minute of it, as am i for making sure i stick to my guns. Still if it hits my point home, it's a job well done!
Rae has now taken on learning another instrument - the guitar to go along with the flute, sax and singing lessons!
She has a bit of a Midas touch when it comes to music and I cannot claim she inherited any of it from me or my husband!
David is going to Swanage from the 7 - 11 June, with the school, so today we bought him some summer clothes and walking boots i had to get him age 12 / 13 clothes, he is only 10, he is so tall.
I helped a friend T to buy some bits for her new house was nice to see the new pad and be able to offer her the help she needed.

Tomorrow i am booked to do a photo shoot of a friends little boy L so will post photos when i have taken them.
So i currently look around the house and cannot decide whether to ignore the housework and read a few blogs or get off my butt and do something!

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miruspeg said...

Thanks for the update Gill.
It is not easy being a mother...not easy at all.
Peggy xxx


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