Saturday, 8 May 2010

I like her style!

I have a wonderful friend with whom i have a "deal" of sorts... I drive her to and from work and she allows the kids to stay at her house after school so i don't have to pay a taxi to take them home. It works for us. Becky collects David from school and they walk to my friends house where Rae meets them later after whichever music club she has attended.
So it is Friday afternoon, I'm counting down the last couple of hours when my daughter rings..with a due sense of fear and dread i take the call and i have the following conversation:
"Hi Mum, i have picked David up.. but well he is REALLY hyper, i think i should take him for a walk through town to calm him down!"
(just a minor point to note: David is not a child we could ever describe as hyper...the word i would use is more like lethargic!!)
"Oh really, and just what would you do in town honey?" I reply trying not to chuckle at my darling daring daughter.
"Uh, you know Mum.... just, you know... walk, to wear him out.. after all i don't want him being hyper in B's house.. it might upset the goldfish!!!"
Well you know what i caved in... I let them walk in town for a short while, giving them a time to be at the house. I just had to admire her style and tenacity on this one. We have talked about how David is NOT now, nor has he ever been, hyper, so i can't wait for the next request application to be filed.

Life was so much easier then:


miruspeg said...

Hello sweet friend, so lovely to see you blogging again.
Your children are certainly a 'chip off the old block'. I can see there is NEVER a dull moment in your world.
Keep smiling...keep shining.
Peggy xxx

QuyenC_Herri淑淳 said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄..................................................


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