Sunday, 12 July 2009

Medly post!

Seems all of my most recent posts aremade up ofa medly of things that have been happening to us all.

So this week i have completed my first week in my "big girl" job! I can honestly say i love it! I am having fun and totally enjoying wearing smart clothes again.

Rachel came home with her school report which was absolutely amazing! WOW she blew me away! She not only improved in two subjects she doesn't like but kept her grades up in everything else so she is now a straight A* student accross the board! Her teachers are all impressed that her classwork and homework standards are very high, her work ethic and commitment are a credit to her and the fact that she is involved in so many after school activities also make her one of the top students in the year group! I am so very, very proud of her. She is also (which i think is very important) kind and caring to both staff and students alike, including students she doesn't know too well or hang around with. She will always help them and is always polite to all. "She will achieve great things." (quote from the head of music not taken out of context either!!!!)
So i am glad she is currently sitting by a pool in Lake Garda, Italy with the gifted and talented choir. She deserves it.


miruspeg said...

Wonderful news about Rachel and so pleased you are enjoying your new job and your smart clothes!

It is fabulous to read all the good things that your family is experiencing.

Happy days always Gill.

Roban said...

What good news! First, that you have a diagnosis and treatment, and of course all of the "icing on the cake...." The good report card, your daughter's trip to Italy (how wonderful!), and your new job! Congratulations...!


Roban said...

P.S. Will you be seeing the new Harry Potter movie soon? It is released in theatres here this Wednesday. We have tickets for one of the evening shows. :-)

Octamom said...

Good for her! And I'm so glad that you are loving the new job!


Holly said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her awesome grades! :D

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

What wonderful news all around!



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